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Produced with grapes of Sagrantino 100% from Umbria’s .  And when it comes to wine, location matters. The land, air, water and weather where grapes are grown are what make each wine unique. After years of researching and learning, of failure and success, we finally made it. An harmonious dry wine. Intense deep ruby red-garnet in color, distinguishes itself with delicate and elegant of wild berries and blackberry undertones.

That’s why we can say perhaps the our Sagrantino wine is best wine of the region and certainly one of the most famous wines of Umbria.

Vendita vino Sagrantino di Montefalco UmbriaSagrantino di Montefalco


Year of winemaking: 2007 – aging 30 months
Origin: Umbria

Grape variety: Sagrantino 100%
Type: Red

Alcohol content:15% vol.
Serving temperature: 18°-20°C

Vendita vino rosso di MontefalcoRosso di Montefalco


Year of winemaking: 2008 – aging 18 months
Origin: Umbria

Grape variety: 70% Sangiovese, 15% Sagrantino, Merlot 15%
Type: Red

Alcohol: 13.5% vol.
Serving temperature: 18 ° -20 ° C

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