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To give color to your table and a unique taste to your dishes, Terre Umbre packs sauces without preservatives and seasonal ingredients. Ideal for bruschetta and canapes, or spread on Fratini, the new toast for your toasted bread. They are also excellent for seasoning pasta or flavoring meat.
Once the jar has been opened, keep refrigerated, adding a little extra virgin olive oil for 7/9 days at most.

Our range of sauces includes: PORCINI MUSHROOMS, BLACK SUMMER TRUFFLE, BLACK OLIVES AND TRUFFLES, ETRUSCAN SAUCE (green olives, truffles and artichokes: ancient recipe already in use at the time of the Etruscans), IL NORCINO (ideal to prepare the real “Pasta” alla Norcina “- pour the sauce into a pan, add fresh cooking cream and a pinch of salt), WHITE TRUFFLE.

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