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Why does Italian cuisine especially the Italian pasta have become famous all around the world?
Because it’s a harmony of the simplicity and the complexity. The ingredients themselves are really simple: flour, water, a pinch of salt. The secret of a delicious pasta is actually its texture and thickness.

With our 20 years of experience,we are now able to bring you the pasta which assumes all the characteristic of traditional homemade pasta, with the rough surface, amazing texture, and the perfect thickness.

From the large valleys and fields of Umbria, we select our ingredients not only for the maximum control of its quality (ensuring that no GMOs is contained in our flour) but also for the promotion of agriculture on our lands. We now introduce you our artisanal hand-packed pasta line:

Pasta di Semola Artigianale (Artisanal pasta without egg)


The production of hard wheat pasta Terre Umbre follows the classic method. All kinds of pasta are granted to rest and be dried up to 40 hours for the best result. We know that it takes times to make a stunning pasta, as it takes times to enjoy it. The whole line includes  STROZZAPRETI, UMBRICELLI, UMBRICELLI BOSCAIOLO (AI FUNGHI E TARTUFO). Store in a cool, dry place away from light.

Pasta all’ Uovo Artigianale (Artisanal egg pasta)


What is better than pasta? Egg pasta. Simple and quick to cook, easy to be accompanied by meat sauce, fish or vegetable, and cheese. The master chefs of Terre Umbre offer a line of high-quality pasta made with eggs from Italian farm and flour from Umbria’s field.The complete line includes homemade LASAGNE, TAGLIERINI, TAGLIATELLE, FETTUCCINE, TAGLIERINI PAGLIA E FIENO, SPAGHETTI DEL CASTELLO, TONNARELLO TRIPLE BROWSE, PAPPARDELLE, MALTAGLIATI.
For soups: CAPELLINI, RUSTICHE, FILINI, QUADRUCCI (small/medium/large).

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