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The grappa Terre Umbre is produced by steam distillation, classical system of double distillation from the dregs of the vineyards of Umbria. The pomace retain the characteristics of the wine and grappa from which enhances its characteristics in aging in oak barrels.

Vendita Grappa Rossa Umbria

Grappa Rossa

The first Red Grappa in Italy, 100% natural. The red colour with violet hues come out from a unique craft technique and exclusive method.

The taste is soft and gentle, velvety on the palate, has a width of scents of fruit and grape, with a hint of tannin wine. Limited production and attention to detail make it a rare, high-quality and unique in the world. 40 ° vol. 500ml.

Grappa Barrique Sagrantino di Montefalco

This refined distillate comes from the prestigious vine Sagrantino di Montefalco, grows and matures in prestigious barriques where took place the Sagrantino Rosso for three years.
The result is this grappa: amber colour, aromas of vanilla, tobacco and plum, with soft and persistent taste in mouth, which allows it to capture the palate of the most demanding connoisseurs.
The class, the elegance, and the care on details, make this grappa one of the finest and tasty.

Grappa Barrique Sagrantino di Montefalco Umbria
Grappa di Sagrantino chiara morbida Umbria

Grappa di Sagrantino chiara morbida

From the slopes of Montefalco, the refined and ancient Sagrantino has been growing for thousands of years. it is mentioned by the Roman historian Pliny the Elder. As a result, this grappa is full-flavored brandy and soft, fine bouquet with scents of fresh marc and aroma of vanilla and raspberry.

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