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Welcome to Terre Umbre


Welcome to the official website of Terre Umbre, a family-owned company established since the early 1990s.

We have a large range of products, from the artisanal pasta to the natural lentils and legumes, from the rustic tomato sauce to the incredible flavorful truffle sauce, from the exotic spelt chocolate bar to the smooth and creamy chocolate cream, from the sweet and mild honey to the amazing bold flavor of double malt beer, and a lot of other products under the same brand name Terre Umbre. They are all a part of a passionate story and incredible voyage to be told. We do not only sell our product but also offer you our stories, our love, and our culture.

Over the profit, we care about our customers, about the quality. When we put our brand name Terre Umbre on a product, we also coat it with our reputation and pride. That’s why we use only high-quality ingredients come from our Umbria’s field and valley for the maximum control of the quality, processing with the highest attention and experiences earned through years of researching, of learning, of being inspired, to bring the best of Italian cuisine onto the clients’ table.
We wish you a nice trip visiting our website.

News: Now available international shipping with EMS for our online clients.

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