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In the sixties, Carlo Brugnami was cruising Italy’s roads on his bicycle, colleting successes, satisfaction, experience and sights. A story of struggles, passion, dust but also extraordinary landscapes, colour and the aromas that genuine cuisine of the time offered him.

Today, his son Luca has inherited his passion, and offers you a chance to travel in tradition. looking for all the enogastronomical treasures that, with the beauty of villages and nature that make Umbria the green, incontaminated heart of Italy.

From these roots, Terre Umbre has born. From nature and the taste and perfumes, from research and innovation, Terre Umbre products are made and appreciated in their territory and in the Whole world.

Flavor pearls and tasty thoughts to offer a bite of the best Umbria to everyone, that does not overlook the quality in which the products have their roots.

A neverending vpyage, a careful search of ancient recipes, but also of traditional artisan techniques, perfectioned by today’s experience and dedicated to solely producing excellent products.

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