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Beer Terre Umbre

Authentic and refreshing, beer Terre Umbre is a craft beer produced in Umbria. Easy to drink, beer is a raw, unpasteurized and fermented in the bottle. The inspiration for the name evokes the patron saint of Italy, St. Francis of Assisi. Historical documents describe the journey from Assisi to La Verna. He walked trhough Capocavallo di Corciano (Terre Umbre head-quarter is there), and Castel Rigone (there is an inscription that contains the phrase “bed of Saint Francis”).

The rich and unique flavour of Beer Terre Umbre inspires people to relax and enjoy a memorable moment.

Taste the beer Terre Umbre alone or as a perfect companion to any meal. Our beer perfectly complements the spicy flavors of the typical Italian cuisine.

Available in: 0.75 L and 00:33 L, in the versions gold special, double malt and black special.

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